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Rosacea Eye Treatment Spray
Rosacea Eye Treatment Spray Box

Finca Skin Organics

Rosacea Eye Treatment Spray | Eye Logic


Keeps Your Dry Eyes Moistened

  • ► Rapid relief from dry eye syndrome associated with sub type 1 Rosacea.
  • ► Revolutionary spray can be absorbed through closed eyes. Perfect for those who have difficulty applying drops to the open eye. 
  • ► No blurred vision after use, unlike direct applicants.

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All-Natural Organic Ingredients

Made With Love In Ireland

Deliver Through Closed Eyelids For Minimum Discomfort 

Eye Logic Dry Eye Spray is an incredibly easy to use product which provides almost instant relief from dry eye syndrome, often associated with Type 1 Rosacea. This spray treats the eye by restoring a deficiency in the lipid (oily) layer of the tear film, the major cause of dry eye syndrome. 

The human eye is protected and lubricated by a thin film of tears, there are glands on your eyelids which deliver an oily layer over the top of the tear film to stop moisture from evaporating. In about 80% of dry eye cases, this oily film is deficient, allowing the protective tear layer to evaporate and irritation to occur.

Target The Root Cause of Dry Eye Syndrome

By improving the overall lubrication of the eyes and eyelids, the Eye Logic spray is able to target the root cause of dry eye symptoms and address the heart of the problem. Through better supplying the eye with this oily film, moisture is prevented from evaporating away from the eye.  

This dry eye spray is able to work through closed eyes. This amazing development means that those who really struggle to apply drops or sprays to the open eye will have a surefire way to target their irritation. 

Addresses A Number Of Dry Eye Syndrome Symptoms

Eye Logic Dry Eye Spray's revolutionary delivery system helps the eye address symptoms such as:

  • ► Burning,
  • ► Dryness,
  • ► Tiredness,
  • ► Grittiness,
  • ► Light hypersensitivity.


These problems are often due to:

  • ► Contact lenses,
  • ► Computer usage,
  • ► Air conditioning,
  • ► Air pollution,
  • ► Smoke,
  • ► Long periods of driving.


Many of our customers have suffered from these issues before, but have found a fast-acting solution with this dry eye spray. We at Finca understand the problems you face as a sufferer of dry eye syndrome, and endeavor to provide the best products to suit your needs.

Ingredients and Important Information

Our products are the only rosacea treatments widely available to be completely free from all of the following artificial additives:

  • ► Tretinoin: can cause burning, stinging, dryness, swelling, and blistering of the skin
  • ► Ivermectin: can cause headaches, dizziness and nausea
  • ► Isopropyl Alcohol: can cause dizziness and burning or stinging of the skin

Soy Lecithin
Sodium Chloride
Vitamin A Palmitate
Vitamin E


How to Use

Revolutionary Spray Delivery System

Eye Logic Eye Spray instructions include simply spray onto the CLOSED eyelid. Hold 10cm away from each eye and spray 2 times on each eyelid. 

This spray is ideal for people who find eye drops or gels inconvenient or difficult to use.

This product can be used if you are wearing makeup and won't make your makeup run, providing you hold the spray the recommended distance away.

Rosacea Eye Treatment Spray

Rosacea Eye Treatment Spray | Eye Logic