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ETR Rosacea: Redness


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What Is ETR Rosacea?

Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea, or ETR rosacea for short, is a subtype of the chronic skin condition rosacea and is characterised by frequent and prolonged bouts of facial flushing. When people think of rosacea, this is the type they tend to picture. It is also known as sub-type 1 rosacea, and predominantly occurs in women.

Is There A Cure?

Although our understanding of rosacea is improving with every passing year, an out-an-out cure is not in the pipeline. Having said this, the rosacea condition is becoming more treatable, especially if you have type 1 (ETR) or type 2 (acne) rosacea.

By using the treatments available in this collection you can start to reduce the harshness of your symptoms straight away. By continuing with our skin care treatment plan in the long-term, our customers (myself included!) have found remarkable relief from the persistent symptoms of rosacea and experience a close to rosacea-free lifestyle with regular application.


While people who suffer with acne rosacea tend to have oily skin, which is thought to be one of the main reasons behind their rosacea outbreaks, ETR rosacea sufferers are usually found to have dry skin which is under-hydrated.

If you have Erythematotelangiectatic (ETR) Rosacea, you could have any combination of the following symptoms:

  • Dry, flaky skin,
  • Periodic facial flushing which can last for hours or even days at a time,
  • Persistent facial redness, especially across the nose and cheeks but sometimes even the forehead, chin and neck,
  • Visible blood vessels just under the surface of the skin,
  • Sensitive skin,
  • Swollen skin.

ETR Symptoms

A sufferer of ETR rosacea may also be suffering with ocular rosacea, that usually occurs in combination with another form of rosacea. We have a range of treatment options available in our ocular rosacea collection to help ward off dry

Red Face Causes

One of the most common symptoms of ETR rosacea is persistent red blotches on the face, and while the root cause of this is still unknown, the redness is a direct response to an increase in blood flow through the capillary veins across the face. This is known as flushing and if the rosacea condition worsens, the redness can become more persistent and remain for longer periods of time.

The root cause could be any number of reasons, but there is anecdotal evidence that rosacea could be hereditary and is proven to occur mainly in fair-skinned people.

What Is Setting Off My Rosacea?

As mentioned previously, the cause of rosacea is tricky to specify, but the environmental factors which can set it off are much better understood. The most common rosacea triggers have been explored in our guide on the subject, so be sure to head there for the full breakdown.

Some of the most frequently cited rosacea triggers for ETR rosacea patients include:

  • Spicy Foods,
  • Extreme Temperatures,
  • Weather,
  • Alcohol,
  • Irritating Cosmetic Ingredients.

Cosmetics And Sensitive Skin

One of the main reasons for me starting Finca Skin Organics was due to the terrible time I had trying to treat my ETR rosacea with normal cosmetic products. Most of these lotions and potions are packed full of with an inordinate amount of emulsifiers, preservatives and additives which do not add to the effectiveness of the cream, and for those of us with sensitive skin, can actually make our skin worse.


What Do We Recommend?

If you are looking for something to apply to your ETR rosacea, mild or otherwise, it is important that you use a product you can trust. This means one that is kind to your sensitive skin and doesn’t irritate it in a counter-productive way.

You also want a treatment which specifically targets rosacea specifically – in other words, treatment that acts against inflammation, locks in moisture and protects your skin from the many potential environmental triggers. That’s why we’ve put together our essential ETR Rosacea Bundle to do all these things, without risk of making your skin any worse. Click below to find out more about the ETR bundle, and how it can help you rejuvenate your skin and subdue your rosacea.


ETR Rosacea Bundle