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Finca Skin Organics

Rosacea Serum Sub-Type 2


Topical Cream For Acne Rosacea: Targets Pustules And Bumps

  • ► Visible Reduction in pustules and bumps
  • ► Reduced facial redness
  • ► Reduced swelling
  • ► All natural ingredients in patent pending formulation
  • ► Also used to reduce redness of Rhinophyma

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All-Natural Organic Ingredients

Made With Love In Ireland

Best Cream For Type 2 Rosacea

It is amazing that given acne (type 2) rosacea is the most easily treatable of all rosacea types, so many people are put on antibiotics for years with no alternative presented to treat this condition.

Yes, they can be effective, but for how long are people expected to remain on these drugs? 

After hearing the plight of these patients, I decided to develop my own serum to tackle the condition, only one that can be applied directly to the affected area and one that does not incorporate the use of antibiotics.

By replicating the anti-inflammatory properties of antibiotics, as well as including other important attributes of various organic ingredients, the type 2 serum is the perfect antidote to the acne rosacea condition, as justified through our many happy customers.

Finca type 2 serum includes a unique formulation for targetting the pustules/bumps and pimples associated with acne rosacea. It has a clean plant-based formulation, and avoids the use of harmful chemicals which can further irritate sensitive skin.


Also Helps Reduce Rhinophyma Symptoms

By helping to cleanse the face of sebum - the oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands to help hydrate our skin - the type-2 rosacea serum is also effective at helping rhinophyma sufferers. People with rhinophyma produce too much sebum, which can lead to swelling of the nose.


Eliminate Over-Abundance of Demodex Mites

Evidence is mounting, that an overabundance of Demodex mites on the face may trigger an immune response in people with rosacea; there is also evidence to suggest that the inflammation may be caused by bacteria associated with the mites, as you can read about in our demodex mites guide.

The mites are most plentiful in the same regions of the face that are most commonly affected by rosacea — the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead — and large quantities of mites have been found in biopsies of rosacea papules and pustules.

Finca type 2 serum counteracts this through reducing the mites' numbers to normal skin levels by gently cleansing the skin, and hence reducing inflammation and associated pustules/pimples.

What Makes Our Serum So Effective?

The Finca Type 2 Serum is the best-selling product of the Finca range due to its rapid effectiveness at eliminating the symptoms of acne rosacea. Its two active ingredients - tea tree and oil of oregano - are formulated in a gentle serum also containing zinc oxide and licorice root for healing  Licorice root's main component glycyrrhizinate has been proven time and time again to be an effective anti-inflammatory and moisturizer.

Typically, our customers see results within 3 weeks of constant use, with a 40% reduction in overall redness, bumps, pustules and pimples within 6 weeks, and continuing improvements in the skin after that. Usually, after 12 weeks, only maintenance is needed, with application reduced from twice a day to once only- last thing at night.

Praise From Type-2 Customers

A review from one of our Type 2 customers:

"My nose is less red and less swollen but most importantly for me, not a spot, not one outbreak since late January/feb. I can't tell you the relief of waking in the morning and seeing another clear day."

40 year old woman with Type 2 rosacea for approx 6 years:

"That serum was great for my nose and has really cleared it up. You are producing something great here."

Ingredients and Important Information

Our products are the only rosacea treatments widely available to be completely free from all of the following artificial additives:

  • ► Tretinoin: can cause burning, stinging, dryness, swelling, and blistering of the skin
  • ► Ivermectin: can cause headaches, dizziness and nausea
  • ► Isopropyl Alcohol: can cause dizziness and burning or stinging of the skin

Grapeseed Oil
Zinc Oxide
Tea Tree Oil
Oil Of Oregano
Liquorice Root Extract
Emulsifying Wax
Eco Preseverative

How to Use

Apply two times daily but especially last thing at night just before bed. Apply directly to areas affected by bumps/pustules/pimples and redness.
Rosacea Serum Sub-Type 2

Rosacea Serum Sub-Type 2