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Why Rosehip Oil is a Great Ingredient For Rosacea Type 1 Skintypes

by Finola Fegan

I was first diagnosed with rosacea back in my twenties when my skin was noticeably red and always felt tight and irritated. Of course, I had the lovely red nose and chin to add to my woes, one day I wondered into my local health food shop and asked - does anyone come in here with Rosacea and if so, what do they use to help them?

The answer was organic Rosehip Oil.

Now Organic Rosehip oil is not cheap. For a small bottle I was paying around £25 but my skin soaked it up and I could see my skin improving within days.

Some of the research on Rosehip shows that it contains essential fatty acids (plus Vitamin A and C) which would of course help my bone-dry and irritated skin to maintain a healthy skin barrier.

However after a few weeks I began to think that although I had stumbled upon something life changing for my Rosacea Type 1 Skin, it still wasn't quite enough, I needed more, and that's where the start of the Finca Skin Organics brand began.

I began researching other plant oils that had moisturising properties, anti-inflammatory properties and even SPF thrown in for good measure.

Now I was on to something!

Organic Rosehip oil is a light oil so in it goes first, followed by jojoba oil, argan oil and macadamia oil.

Macadamia oil is also great for maturing skin, and we all know that putting moisturiser onto slightly damp skin improves the penetration of the moisturiser.

So what loves water? Hyaluronic Acid, that's what.

And that is the final ingredient in the Finca Skin Organics Serum, this helps get oil and water into the skin in one pump and all with an eco-cert approved preservative so as not to irritate your rosacea prone skin.

The Finca Skin Organics Serum works for me and if you have the same symptoms as i did - noticeable tightness and irritation, then the Finca Skin Organics Type 1 Serum is the one for you.

If you have the pustules/bumps/pimples, then look at our Finca Skin Organics Type 2 serum.