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Treatment For Type 1 Rosacea

by Finola Fegan

I am often asked about treatments for rosacea so here is some of what i have discovered over the last few years and i do hope it helps in deciding which treatment you choose to follow.

Type 1 Rosacea Sufferer
Type 1 Rosacea Sufferer

Type 1 rosacea has overall redness or sometimes called diffuse redness. there may also be small red veins visible on the surface of the skin. Overall redness can be reduced by reducing your weight (if you know that you are carrying excess weight), maintaining a good diet, plenty of green veg and alkalising foods, keep away from high histamine foods and drink, get humidity into the air, and also Demodex Mites which are directly linked to Rosacea.

Rosacea Serum Sub-Type 1

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All of these things will definitely help, but laser treatment may also be what you do to reduce unwanted, and lets face it socially embarrassing redness. To begin with, before undergoing any type of laser treatment, the skin needs to be as prepared as possible.

In other words, well moisturised, so be careful of skincare with harsh ingredients. Finca Skin Organics Serum will not let you down. After treatments only use high SPF moisturisers/sunblock. This is really important. There is no point spending hundreds of euros and then wasting it, by letting UV light undo all the good work.

Now the tech part. For spider veins - that is the small red veins which are unsightly, and add to your overall red appearance, the cheapest option can be Diathermy needle therapy. Its not nearly as bad as it sounds. Whats good about it is that it is very targeted but only use someone very experienced and don't try to do too much in one session.

I went to the same beauticians twice and was treated the first time by the owner of the salon and the second by her employee. The second time my face was much redder initially, although it did calm down, but i felt she had tried to do too much in one session.

The more experienced salon owner worked on my face for 1/2 of the time approx 10 mins and then i came back for a second treatment .much more successful than doing too much in one go so my advice is go easy above diathermy needle therapy, relatively painless and targeted, around 60 euro per session usually, but prices vary to treat the overall redness, laser therapy is an option.

Again when considering a clinic, try to get a referral from someone who has had successful treatment in the same clinic and get the name of the physician. Laser therapy can have great results but only in the right hands. A bad physician can leave scarring and even in the very worst cases, burns. So really do your homework.

If you do have success with a clinic let us know as we can pass the info on to anyone who emails us. Not all lasers are equal. Laser is different from IPL (intense pulsed light). Cutera lasers only operate over specific wavelengths as do cutera lasers and these have had good results.

IPL on the other hand, uses lots of different wavelengths taking away good and bad pigment and leaves the outcome much more difficult to predict. So do ask what equipment is used at the clinic you are talking to and make sure they at least know the difference between IPL and lasers with specific operating wavelengths.

Your outcome will depend very much on the equipment used and the skill of the operator. In any case more than one treatment will be necessary and the cost will be in the hundreds of euros and don't forget to apply a high SPF.

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