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Hyaluronic Acid - Why It's A Gem For Rosacea

by Finola Fegan

We at Finca know just how much time you’ve wasted looking for that one thing to cure your rosacea.

That’s why we don’t waste our customers’ time talking about “miracle ingredients” that don’t make the grade.

However, we are not messing around when it comes to hyaluronic acid. Its properties are nothing less than mind-blowing.

And what’s more, it occurs naturally in our bodies! Therefore, you can rest assured there’s no issue in applying it directly to your skin, even if you suffer from rosacea.

Where did you find it?

Our founder Finola found hyaluronic acid when searching for a way to reduce the dry redness of her skin and was amazed at how much it helped. It was one of the only natural ingredients which directly combatted some of her most frequent symptoms without the unwanted side-effects of other medical solutions.

Looking For Super Hydrating Treatment?

Hyaluronic Acid
Look No Further...

How Can Hyaluronic Acid Help With My Rosacea?

Imagine how bad your rosacea can get.

  • Red and flushed? Check
  • Dry? Check
  • Chapped? Check
  • Flaky? Check

Imagine if there was an ingredient which could directly counteract these issues.

Imagine an organic, naturally-occurring formula which can rejuvenate your skin.

Imagine waking up and your rosacea no longer being such a problem.

Hyaluronic acid could be the answer.

Is this you?

ETR Rosacea Patient

So, how can it help with rosacea?

One word: hydration.

Hyaluronic acid is an exceptional hydrator and moisturiser. It is able to lock in the moisture your skin so badly needs like few other natural ingredients.

In essence, it acts like a water magnet keeping your skin cells hydrated, helping you achieve a healthier, suppler appearance.

Hyaluronic acid is said to be able to store “6 litres of water in just 1 gram.”

With this amount of absorption power, it can help rejuvenate your skin in no time and very quickly get rid of that rough feeling.

Before and after applying hyaluronic acid to dry, flaky skin.

Before and After Hyaluronic Acid

It May Be Hydrating, But How Can It Help With My Redness?

Aside from being a one-of-a-kind moisturiser, hyaluronic acid – also called hyaluronan – is also a phenomenal anti-inflammatory. This makes it great for tackling your redness head on and returning your skin to a more natural glow.

It further contributes to healthy skin due to it being an antioxidant. Antioxidants help the skin in so may different ways; they help it repair itself, reduce the signs of aging and even help to prevent sunburn.

Is there anything hyaluronic acid can’t do for your damaged skin?

What Causes A Lack of Hyaluronic Acid?

You may be asking yourself, why is my body not producing enough hyaluronic acid on its own? How do I know it isn’t?

Well, aside from the fact that dry, scaly skin is a key indicator of not having enough moisture locked in, it has been found that our bodies naturally produce less HA as we age. This decrease in production can start anywhere between 20 and 25 years of age and never really stops dropping.

How Hyaluronic Acid Content Decreases As We Age

Hyaluronic Acid Levels Decrease As We Age

That’s why, as a rosacea sufferer, it is absolutely vital to provide your skin with as much help as possible. This is becasue we have a natural tendency to have dry skin lacking in moisture. 

Hyaluronic acid should be the first port of call for these reasons.

Where Can I Buy Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid serum is relatively easy to come by on the high street, but it is rare that you will find one which is chemical-free. Its fantastic properties are often compromised with heaps of additives.

That’s why you need a hyaluronic acid-based serum built for you.

One that is made with pure, authentic, complimentary ingredients that won’t upset your rosacea. They should even help this essential hydration ingredient more effective.

That’s why we developed the Sub-Type 1 Rosacea Serum.

It makes use of just 5 other all-natural ingredients that only add to the unique properties brought to the table by hyaluronic acid. They are: 

  • Organic Rosehip
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Macadamia Oil
  • A Certified Eco-Preservative
Rosacea Serum Sub-Type 1

Our serum doesn’t include any ingredients known to damage your skin and your health, unlike most other rosacea medication.

As a rosacea sufferer, it is essential that you do not put anything on your skin to exacerbate your rosacea, so keeping the number of chemicals in your cosmetics to a minimum is certainly a good idea.

You can find out more about our rosacea serum, and learn what led our founder Finola to develop this product to help both herself and others.

Discover The Finca Type 1 Serum


We at Finca want to make sure that all our customers have the knowledge to treat their rosacea naturally, inexpensively, and, most of all, effectively.

Hyaluronic acid can help you achieve your treatment goals and recover your skin confidence.

As an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and super-hydrator, its difficult to find a more complete ingredient to tackle rosacea with.

While we’re not saying results will be instant, if you keep applying a chemical-free hyaluronic acid based cream day and night, you will be amazed at the effects it can have on your dry, tired skin.

We wouldn’t stick our necks on the line like this without reason, and we expect you’ll be happy with the results.

What’s your go-to rosacea treatment? Is there a product or ingredient which has helped you more than the rest?

Finola Fegan

CEO of Finca Skin Organics

Discover Finola's Story

Finol Fegan, Finca CEO and Founder